Friday, December 30, 2011

Finished: Box Pleat Skirt

A few months ago, my sister-in-law pinned this skirt:

It's way cute and way over $200. I told her I'd make her one, but made one for myself first as a muslin. It actually turned out completely different than the inspiration picture because the fabric refused to gather - it has SO much body - and I didn't use a high-waisted contoured band. I like the original skirt so much that I'll try again at some point. The pictures do not do the fabric justice. It has a beautiful sheen.

Pattern: I used two 18" x 30" rectangles for the skirt and I can't remember the measurement for the waistband. For the best fit, I need a contoured waistband. This one gapes a  bit. I was going to use Simplicity 2215, but the waistband is just a rectangle and the pleats are asymmetrical.

Fabric: poly/silk/wool faille from Mood - I was able to iron the fabric at a hot temperature with a pressing cloth and there were no problems.

I had to hand stitch the waistband facing because stitching-in-the-ditch was not working out and neither was topstitching.
Next up will be finishing my sister-in-law's skirt (it's halfway done), Anhinga and Simplicity 2054 out of gray sweatshirt fleece.


  1. Ooh! I love that fabric - it has such a great sheen to it. The texture of faille is wonderful and it looks great as a skirt. The pleats give it a fantastic poof. Are you making your sister-in-law's skirt from the same material?

  2. Great skirt idea and you know I like the pleat and the gather options equally. Looking forward to the real deal skirt when it arrives. No pressure! Happy New Year too by the way.

    Good resolutions by the way - keep it simple and all that. I haven't set any cos they end up going by the by all too quickly and i have shedloads of excuses....

  3. Yes! She picked the material and I decided that I wanted one too, so I grabbed two yards. Side note: these cost less than $20 each to make. That's a good deal. Anyway, I absolutely love the fabric, too. I'd like to make a dress in black.

    Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, my resolutions always snowball and I never complete everything. Simple and vague is the way to go. ;)

  4. Fun skirt! I love this type of skirt.

  5. Stitching in the ditch is a bitch. But I really like the skirt! I've never used faille, and honestly don't even know what it is. Ssshhh, don't tell.

  6. The ONLY reason I used faille is because that's what the original skirt was made out of. When I found it on Mood's site the description said it had a sheen and I was like, "YES PLEASE!" Looove me some sparkle.

    It is! But especially on this fabric. I was pretty frustrated.