Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fit Issues and Muslins

One of the reasons I sew is to get a nicely fitted garment. I actually enjoy the process of altering patterns and making muslins. Here are a couple of tanks that I was testing out.
I forgot to do the exposed bias trim on the armholes. Oops!
I like to topstitch so the band lays flat.
Pattern: the ubiquitous Sorbetto
Mods: Size 2 with a 1/2" fba. I had to add a bottom band because it was too short. Next time I'll slash the pattern near the top and add about 1/8." The bust darts are a bit too high.
Fabric: Cheap-o fake linen from Joann's. I should've ironed this, but it seriously wrinkles so fast that I'm not sure it even matters.

I'm not sure I'll wear this on its own. The darts really bother me. Paired with a lightweight cardi, it might look cute in the spring.

I read the Sorbetto instructions first and loved the idea of doing exposed bias trim.
Quick n' dirty hem. I do these often.
Pattern: Tiny Pocket Tank
Mods: Size 4 with a 3/4" FBA. I left off the pocket because the poly fabric was impossible to deal with.
Fabric: Polyester heavy gauze stuff that I probably bought from Joann's.

Taking pictures has really helped me objectively assess my finished pieces. I didn't like the white tank top because of the fabric and color, but pictured here it's not so bad, right? 

It's practically October and I'm still sewing summer-y clothes. I need to come up with some solid fall sewing plans. I'm thinking a double-knit sheath dress, pants, knit tops and a coat would round out my wardrobe nicely.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I like starting projects. Finishing them is fine and all, but nothing beats the rush of beginning something new.

I'm mostly kidding, but I do get distracted very easily.

Beatnik is blocked with sewn shoulder seams and I'm currently picking up stitches for the collar. This is the worst part. While Beatnik was blocking I thought it would be safe to just swatch for Kaide. Well, the swatch didn't take long, so shouldn't I just cast on? No, no I probably shouldn't have. The pattern seemed to have errors, not a soul on Ravelry has started this sweater and my gauge was way off. I messaged the designer, then decided to go for it.

I think she's going to turn out fine.

Even though I'm using Berocco Vintage Chunky and size 10 needles (smaller than called for), the back will block to about 20 inches so I'll still have a sweater coat.

A while ago I saw this necklace from TopShop:

It was listed for $85. I thought that was absurd. Fast forward many months, some tears, probably $30 and I'm only halfway there.

I have a little helper.

So one side is done. That's it. I thought it would be so cute with a white v-neck and my yellow shorts.

Lastly, a really simple chain and seed bead necklace. I see similar stuff to this on Etsy all of the time. When I get sick of knitting hopefully I'll be able to make a few more pieces. I bought the chain and findings at Joann's. It lays down nicely when I wear it. Action photos to come!

Friday, September 23, 2011


It's here! Our A/C is no longer running all day and I wake up with freezing extremities. This is good news. Of course I have HUGE fall sewing and knitting plans that I definitely won't be able to keep up with. The front of Beatnik is almost done, so hopefully I can block it today and sew it up this weekend. As soon as it's finished I'm going to get started on Kaide. It's almost over the top, but I really love the design and hope the dark gray yarn I'm using tones it down a bit.

Also, I ordered the Clover pants pattern from Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch so I can participate in the upcoming sewalong. Sarai has already made several suuuper cute pairs. There are a few bottomweights in my stash that would be appropriate for Clover, so hopefully I resist the temptation to buy something else. I have a cheap, herringbone, dark grey suiting that might be kind of cute.

No, my shorts are not done. But I almost have a sweater AND I've been making jewelry (i.e stringing seed beads). I'll post that later. With pictures.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beatnik Progress

My shorts are soooo close to being finished. I just need to insert the invisible zipper and decide on the hem length. Instead of quickly finishing them up, I've been really distracted by fall knitting.

I started Beatnik a month ago, set it aside after screwing up and have since picked it back up. As of this morning I have the back and one sleeve finished. I'm really excited about this sweater and hope it turns out nicely.

Here are some other sweaters that are in my queue:


Saturday, September 03, 2011

I may seriously regret making polyester shorts.

But I'm doing it anyway! The pattern is Burda 6/2011 #111. A year ago I made jeans in a sewing class with less than stellar results (the sewing part was fine, the fit was awful), but other than those I've never made bottoms besides skirts. I made a muslin and it seemed to fit fine. Even the pocket placement was good!

The fabric is super stretchy poly/cotton/lycra from Fabric Mart.
After these shorts are completed I have one more Tiny Pocket Tank to finish up then I'm done with summer sewing. I figured these shorts will be cute with a sweater and the tank will be great for layering, so they're transitional pieces.