Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kwik Sew 3703 - The Maxi Dress

Earlier this summer I bought a jersey racerback maxi dress from Urban Outfitters and proceeded to wear it everyday. It drives me crazy when I buy things that are over-priced and easy to make! I don't know why I do it. Anyway, I wear it a lot, but needed to break-up my all-grey uniform. I remembered Amber from Confessions of the Pink Obsessed making some really cute knit dresses with Kwik Sew patterns, so I decided that's a good place to start.

For all three of these I used Kwik Sew 3703. I cut a size extra small, but added to the armholes and shoulder strap (picture below). They all have raw hems. I love this pattern. It fits beautifully and is extremely comfortable. You may think three is enough, but I'll definitely be making more. In fact, I was thinking of making one in white and then dyeing it with an ombre effect. Wouldn't that be pretty?

I added to the armholes and made the straps thicker.

Fabric: A cotton knit from Yellow Bird Fabrics that feels like medium weight t-shirt material.

Mods: I only had two yards, so I took out a lot of width from the skirt bottom. As you can see, there's still plenty of room. I also narrowed the neck and armhole bands to about 3/8".

Total Cost: I don't remember how much  I paid for the fabric and can't find a receipt. $20 maybe?

Fabric: A poly/lycra blend from Gorgeous Fabrics. (It's still there!)
Mods: Just the aforementioned pattern changes. I had a few yards of this, so I was able to keep the skirt width. I even did the neck and armhole bands correctly!

Total Cost: about $30

Eeeh. I probably should've tried to match the back seam.

Fabric: A rayon/ycra blend from Emma One Sock. (It's still there!) This is my most favorite fabric ever. I was sick about potentially ruining it, but I think it turned out really nice!

Mods: I only had two yards, so I narrowed the bands and skirt width, but was able to lengthen it quite a bit. I've been wearing it blousoned over a belt, but should probably take off some of that length. I'm tall, wearing 3"+ heels and it's still floor length.

Total Cost: around $35

The innards! Sometimes I sew, sometimes I serge.
It's taken me a long time to wear the things I sew in public, but all of these dresses have made it out of my house. Hooray!

Sorry about the blurry/grainy photos. Should I go outside next time? Find a neutral wall? 


  1. These look great! LOVE the racerback!

  2. Very pretty, I like the red one most. Great job!

  3. Very nice! I love the look of maxi dresses, but have never owned or try to make one. These will be absolutely perfect with a jacket transitioning into Fall.

  4. What fun maxi dresses! I'm a bit taken with the style after making one myself. Also, I'm glad to see your back to posting. Hope to see more!