Friday, September 23, 2011


It's here! Our A/C is no longer running all day and I wake up with freezing extremities. This is good news. Of course I have HUGE fall sewing and knitting plans that I definitely won't be able to keep up with. The front of Beatnik is almost done, so hopefully I can block it today and sew it up this weekend. As soon as it's finished I'm going to get started on Kaide. It's almost over the top, but I really love the design and hope the dark gray yarn I'm using tones it down a bit.

Also, I ordered the Clover pants pattern from Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch so I can participate in the upcoming sewalong. Sarai has already made several suuuper cute pairs. There are a few bottomweights in my stash that would be appropriate for Clover, so hopefully I resist the temptation to buy something else. I have a cheap, herringbone, dark grey suiting that might be kind of cute.

No, my shorts are not done. But I almost have a sweater AND I've been making jewelry (i.e stringing seed beads). I'll post that later. With pictures.

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