Sunday, September 25, 2011


I like starting projects. Finishing them is fine and all, but nothing beats the rush of beginning something new.

I'm mostly kidding, but I do get distracted very easily.

Beatnik is blocked with sewn shoulder seams and I'm currently picking up stitches for the collar. This is the worst part. While Beatnik was blocking I thought it would be safe to just swatch for Kaide. Well, the swatch didn't take long, so shouldn't I just cast on? No, no I probably shouldn't have. The pattern seemed to have errors, not a soul on Ravelry has started this sweater and my gauge was way off. I messaged the designer, then decided to go for it.

I think she's going to turn out fine.

Even though I'm using Berocco Vintage Chunky and size 10 needles (smaller than called for), the back will block to about 20 inches so I'll still have a sweater coat.

A while ago I saw this necklace from TopShop:

It was listed for $85. I thought that was absurd. Fast forward many months, some tears, probably $30 and I'm only halfway there.

I have a little helper.

So one side is done. That's it. I thought it would be so cute with a white v-neck and my yellow shorts.

Lastly, a really simple chain and seed bead necklace. I see similar stuff to this on Etsy all of the time. When I get sick of knitting hopefully I'll be able to make a few more pieces. I bought the chain and findings at Joann's. It lays down nicely when I wear it. Action photos to come!

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