Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rainy Day

My yellow shorts have needed an invisible zipper for a month now and last night I sat down, quickly hand-basted it down, then sewed it in without any problems. It took me maybe thirty minutes. Why do I out off simple tasks? And it's not like that's my first zipper either. I've installed my fair share.

The Sewing Summit is this weekend.

The Sewing Summit

I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited. Since I'm a local I decided to just go on Saturday. I've registered for two blogging/social media/photography classes and two technique classes. I'm sure I'll learn a lot and hopefully meet some new friends! I feel quite isolated in my creative hobbies and as a result mistakenly think that my interests are weird.

Besides feeling anxious about upcoming events, I've been putting together fall/winter sewing and knitting plans. Whenever I do this the plan snowballs. I'm trying to really limit myself and be realistic. I'm thinking about sewing two small collections, four to fives pieces each. One will be black, white, grey and teal. The other will consist of browns, mustard and oranges. 

My stash isn't completely out of hand, but over the years I've acquired a collection of fabric and yarn. I have several fabrics that I'll be using in my mini-collections, but there is a teal wool crepe (for a dress) and teal coating that will be purchased shortly. I think it's a really pretty, flattering color so I'm excited to add it to my closet!

I'm trying to finish Kaide as soon as possibly because I'm already losing steam and want to start something else. The first sleeve is halfway done. Oooh yeah, I have a long way to go. As a public knitter I have this conversation often:

They don't really want to learn.
Just kidding!

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  1. That cartoon is hilarious! See you Saturday!!! I'm a bit nervous, too, but it's going to be great being surrounded by geeks of the same variety :)