Sunday, November 13, 2011

WIP: Anhinga

As soon as I finished knitting Kaide (It's blocking and taking FOREVER to dry. I've even used a blow-dryer.) I cast on for Anhinga.

I'm using Lana Grossa Carezza. It is gorgeous, shimmery and glides right through my fingers. The endless stockinette is a welcome reprieve from the constant cabling I've been doing.

You know what I should be working on? These:

Tangled Yoke Pullover - in need of buttons since '08!
Brocade Socks - single since '07

My Ravelry projects page was looking pretty sparse, so I decided to dig through boxes and drawers to find all of my knitting works-in-progress. There are quite a few things that have been wrongfully abandoned - including single socks. I LOVE handknit socks. Anyway, I'll be finishing up a variety of knits and featuring them here. 

Yeah, yeah. I'm working on my Clovers. I fixed one thing and made another much worse. My latest round of alterations resulted in a huge back dart. I'm figuring it out. Slowly.

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  1. That Lana Grossa is amazing! Really beautiful!