Saturday, January 07, 2012

Finished: The Sweatshirt Dress

I kind of just made a dress out of my cat's blanket.

You see, I've had this fabric for a while now and every time I'd wash and dry it Binker would curl up into the warm fleece and take a nap. I'd move on to something else. The huge swath of fabric finally needed to be used. It took up a lot of room.

Pattern: Simplicity 2054 - by Cynthia Rowley. I cut out view B with the cowl in a size 12.

Mods: lengthened the waist seam by 1", swayback by 1", took out 1.5" from the back center seam, took an additional 1.5" from the top center back to prevent gaping, scooped out the neckline significantly.

Fabric: sweatshirt fleece that I bought years ago from Denver Fabrics.

I'm happy with the dress. It's comfortable and fits pretty well. As you can see, all of my stressing about the back fitting was for naught as there is still bunching and weirdness. Next time I'll just cut it on the fold. This was a blast to sew. It was super quick and I love, love, love sewing with a twin needle. Someday I'll get a coverstitch machine, but for now it's pretty satisfying.


  1. Ooh, this is nice! Looks so cozy and nice!

  2. It looks incredible on you. What a great winter dress!

  3. Very cute! and it looks really nice and warm!

  4. Twin needles are awesome!! It makes sewing with knits so much more enjoyable since they look more professional and like you sewed with a serger. Someday we'll have sergers...

  5. What a cute and comfy looking dress. Sewing with sweatshirt knit is something I want to try this year.

  6. Now Binker is going to be pawing at you to sit so he can nap in your lap! This looks fab on you. Stylish and comfy all in one. And check that removable cowl!

  7. My cats constantly sleep on my sewing pile, so I always have to rewash my yardage (a real pain, considering we don't have a washer in our apartment!). Your finish on the neckline is so great. Did you use a double needle on a regular machine, or do you have a special overlock machine. Looks awesome!

    1. What is it with cats and sewing?? She also chews my patterns, plays with pins and sits on my sewing machine. Good thing they're so cute, huh?

      I used a double needle on my regular machine. They work really well on sweatshirt fleece, but I haven't had great success with lighter weight knits.